Digital Risk Management Solution Provider

Context-aware solutions for the evolving threat landscape

Accelerate digital risk management transformation at scale

Leverage our expertise to design, implement and, sustain digital risk management transformation programs with ease. Enhance your resilience with customized solutions that align with your business goals. 

Our Purpose

Providing data-driven solutions that help enterprises manage the digital risks associated with digital transformation efforts aimed at preserving and creating business value.

"We look forward to the next phase of our growth with optimism and confidence in our ecosystem scaled to address the rapidly changing environments our clients operate in, ready to seize the many opportunities ahead. Our strategy for the emerging digital future is built on five strategic objectives.

  Osagie Ona

  Founder/CEO | Data Sentry MSP

Our Areas of Expertise

With expertise in Digital, Engineering and Cloud, we deliver solutions that fulfill the traditional, transformational and future needs of clients.


Data Sentry MSP's end-to-end Digital offerings enable enterprises to increase business resilience, improve operational efficiency and deepen client engagement

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Data Sentry MSP's Engineering and R/D services empower enterprises to improve time-to-profit, accelerate product development and maximize return on innovation.

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Data Sentry MSP's exclusive cloud offerings and services enable organizations to optimize the cloud to accelerate innovation and agility at scale.

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Careers at Data Sentry MSP

We invite you to supercharge your potential. Find what inspires and drives you. Find your spark.